modernmelly.meHello! I’m Melly, aka Melanie. So a quick ‘about me’: I tend to consider myself a vintage modernmelly.megirl, living in a modern world, trying to express her voice, purpose and personal style, while not driving her husband insane. Eh, who we kidding, I drive him insane. But he likes it, I swear.

I’m also a self published author of several children’s books , part time furniture repurpose-r, gardener, Paleo & wheat/grain free lifestyle-r… All around Jack of all trades (yet…master of none). I’m also Mom to two grown girls, (wow, still shocks me every time I write or say that!) and proud police wife.

I’m at the best stage in my life, after all of the ups and downs, and I want to share all the humor (sometimes bittersweet) that I find in life, some hard earned wisdom, and my love for a healthier lifestyle. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, so you never know what you’ll find here! Thanks for visiting me 😉

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