Another Blogger, Sorry.

Ahh, yes! Yay, another blogger! Cue yawns, eye rolls and scroll… Next, please. I know, I know- how many bloggers do we really need?! I can’t even promise you that I’ll have something more interesting to say than the last guy(or the next guy). This is entirely self gratuitous, and self promotion as well.

Let’s get the “about me” section done: I’m a on-the-brink-of-43 year old mom of two mostly grown girls (21 and 17) and recently remarried… To a ——– ——-(technically a —– ——). Per his request, and with his reasonable explanation, I’ll leave that part out for now and unless it becomes a relevant story.

Suffice to say, I came in on the best years- all the type A intensity of starting a  ——— career is well behind him, and I get the most evolved version. As does he, to be fair. At the risk of bragging, and therefore jinxing myself, I can say we live a beautiful, simplified life, free of the dramas and hassles that can plague any relationship. The kids are cool, the exes get along ( took a little while, believe me). My husband (love saying that, still) with his grace, compassion and easy going nature allows for me to go my (typical) all out adult ADD mode with new projects and ideas, some get finished, some…do not…yet. I skip back and forth between writing and furniture restoration (in between my full time gig as a nanny)I am madly in love with anything vintage, and have been told many a time that I was born into the wrong era. I’m a 1940’s kinda gal in a modern world, I guess. Hence, Melly’s Modern Antiquities, my little venture into refurbishing.  Currently, I have several finished pieces up for sale, and regularly (read: weekends) add more.

That brings me, conveniently, to the point of this blog. You see, all of my passions- gardening, writing, and repurposing/reusing/renewing old furniture need an outlet. So, I get to play in my workshop, write, anddd work on the garden. The catch is, I need to earn a bit of a living from my ventures. Otherwise, the hubby’s patience may wear out…or at least thin. That means putting myself out there, self promoting a bit, and trying to generate some interest in my work. Truth? I’m flying by the seat of my pants here. No damn real clue what I’m doing. As in “spent more than15 years as a stay at home mom” also as in, “no college degree in anything”. Just sheer enthusiasm, some talent, and probably a wing and a prayer. But that’s okay, I really believe that trial and error, talent, luck and faith can pull off some pretty cool things. At almost 43 years old,  I’ve finally and truly learned to just enjoy the ride.

In closing, all I’ll ask of you is to come along for the ride with me. I’ll be all over the map with my posts, as anyone with ADD can understand. Check out my work, if you like, maybe you’ll buy. Become my virtual new friend, or just read my stuff and pretend you don’t know me (it’s okay, I do that in the store, when I see someone I know and my hair’s all disaster-y and I’m in my sweatpants…yah, that carton of milk just got super interesting.)

Thanks, talk at ya again soon!

Hi There
Hi There

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