Thoughts on National Law Enforcement Week

2015/01/img_1691-0.jpg National Police Week 2015. It is a designated time for our Nation to recognized the sacrifice so many brave officers have made for the sake of others, and thank those who serve and protect us all. I have the immense honor and pride to be married to a police officer. By the way of many reasons-his job, our personalities, our life experiences- we naturally practice living a life in gratitude. Gratitude for every day, every minute, gratitude for every step that brought us to where we are today, gratitude for the life we live. But being that today is a national day of recognition for my husbands embattled profession, I’d like to share with you the true depth of my appreciation for not only him, but for all fine representatives of law enforcement. Through the privilege of being married to my husband, I’ve become a part of a very unique and special family: the Blue Family. I was indoctrinated into this life later in the game, in my late 30’s and my husband was well into his career, in fact, he was in his second incarnation of policing, having already retiring from an incredibly impressive career in a large city P.D. and on to a smaller town P.D. when we met. The respect and admiration from his past and present coworkers (brothers and sisters) is boundless, and a testament to the man I married.

Of those past and present coworkers, I’ve gotten to know so many. Here’s what I’d like to say to them, and all law enforcement representatives today: I have watched you parent your children, be partners to your loved ones, I’ve seen marriages, and divorces, promotions and disappointments. I’ve seen you off duty and on. There is one thing about you all that remains steadfast: your inherent goodness. Your quality of character. Your humanity. All there, despite everything you see, hear, and deal with.

You are outstanding people, people who say that you’re just a “regular person” doing an irregular job. But, we-your loved ones-we know the truth: you are extraordinary people doing an often thankless, dangerous, and emotionally draining job. The phrase, “they are the men and women who run towards danger, while we run away” is the epitome of who and what you are.

Now, in the most obvious ways, yes, you are “regular people”. You have families, you have feelings, you laugh, love, and yes, you also hurt, have faults, and make mistakes, because you are just as human as The rest of us. To me, that is all the more reason to admire, respect and show gratitude towards you for what you do. Because, no matter what you think, or how feel: you do the job. Serve. Protect. You maintain law, order, and keep the peace. The sacrifices you make behind the scenes is often immeasurable, and unknown by most.

No other profession receives the level of contempt, hatred, and abuse as law enforcement. No other profession has their job title included in every new introduction. (” hey, this is my buddy, Joe. He’s a cop!”) no other profession has Facebook Pages dedicated to spreading hate towards them. “No other profession” is what you say when asked, “What else would you want to do?”

So, with the knowledge that I have of my husband,  the men and woman behind the badges that I know, and to all of the outstanding men and women in Blue: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, as are your families. I am humbled and honored and proud to be in your lives. Today, and every day, you have the gratitude of millions. Be strong, be safe.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God” –Matthew 5:9

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