Objectivity, You’re a Jerk

Objectivity is a jerk. And a curse. Seriously, it is. The day after the Grammys, which I didn’t watch (but read about the highlights and lowlights all over social media afterwards) I sat down to write this stompy, pouty, pissed off post about these a-hole “artists” and their social statements. I was about a paragraph or two in, when I did a draft review. Guess what? I sounded like a pouty, pissed off a-hole. Sigh. Reassessment time.

So, I was-and still am pissed off about a couple of things that occurred, neither involve Kayne and his infantile tantrum. We all know he’s an idiot, and that his artistry comparison was moronic, so what else can you say about that?! Kanye= Yawn. It was Prince and Pharrel that yanked my chain, hard.

Prince, I’d loved since I was a kid. Pharell, super talented guy. I mean, how can you not like the song “Happy”??

So what’s my problem? Well, if you’ve follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m a police wife. A damn proud one, at that. So, when two artists that I, respectively, love and like a lot, make statements like “Black Lives Matter” (verbal statement from Prince) and”Hands Up” (gesture by Pharrell and dancers) they are making statements against an honorable and respect worthy profession, one that deserves positive attention and support.They are jumping on a bandwagon with people like Al Sharpton, a vile, horrid excuse for a human being.

They are publicly supporting criminals, and putting them on pedestals, and then, after they make their big grand gesture? They are going to their after-Grammy parties, private jets, shiny mansions, etc. Make no mistake, I have no envy, I’m not remotely impressed by that. I make note of it because I find it curious. It leads me to wonder:  If you guys care so much, then what are you doing to help the black community? Besides reciting a three word token phrase, and raising your arms in the air for a moment as your “big finish”, that is? I further wonder, that with all of the incredible examples of strong, brilliant, talented, intelligent black role models and heroes throughout history, you choose two men who were 1) a known thug and 2) a common criminal as your poster children for the black cause. Since you really care about the lives of young black men, then you must be donating some of your millions to further education, training and job opportunities for them, I’m sure. You have a residence in their neighborhoods, as well, right? You reached out to their families, right? I mean, I can’t imagine you’d make a social statement like that so we’d be all talking about YOU the next day, riiiiiiight?! Nahhh, it couldn’t be that!

Now that was the gist of my ire, which I still stand by, but in the second part of the original post, I started to get on my soap box, and say that artists should just stick to performing their music and otherwise shut up. I had the story (as reference) about when Elvis was asked his political views, he stated that he’s just a performer, and people just want to hear him sing, not talk politics, all forming on the paper. But after I took a break (to find some quotes, actually) and came back for that draft review, I realized it: in my haste to profess my outrage and insult, I missed a critical truth.

With that critical truth, came to mind another quote, actually a song lyric. It’s from a country band you may remember called The Dixie Chicks. The singer had gotten herself into hot water because she made public, disparaging comments of then President George Bush. Right, wrong, agree, disagree, doesn’t matter. They came out with a pretty powerful song afterwards, addressing the backlash, and the line that suddenly remembered was this:

“And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Saying that I better
shut up and sing or my life will be over?!”

And I thought: Ahhhh, shit. Better think about what you’re saying, Melly. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree, not in this context. For, as much as I despise the statement they’re making, and obviously disagree with it, they have as much right to make it, as do I my own public statements. It’s called ‘Merica, baby. The arts have been making political/social statements forever. Everyone knows that, including me. So clearly, I’m pissed because I’m disappointed that the artists I like don’t agree with my views. That’s what it’s really about here.

Here’s where objectivity came in. Truth is, if they’d walked out in NYPD hats and I Love Police shirts, I’d have shouted “Hell ya!” And loved them all the more for it. But, they support something I disagree with. Period. And no matter how much I want to rant and rail over it; the power of objectivity, and the belief in our right to free speech, tempers my words. I still think it and feel it, that discontent and dislike, I won’t deny. But now, after reflecting, I’ll just say this, it’s something I would be remiss to not remind them, myself, and all of us that:

“The right to Free Speech does not excuse you from the consequence of such.” Simply put, we can all say whatever the hell we want, that’s generally true. But, you’re going to get a response, and you might like it. Be prepared and aware of that. The consequence here is that I, and others who feel as I do, will no long buy or support the careers of those artists, nor, for the same reasons, buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or watch another Seth Rogen movie, and certainly never watch anything that jerk Michael Moore puts out. It will probably have no effect on them whatsoever, quite honestly. That’s ok. I’ve appeased myself and my conscience, so that’s good enough. I stand up for what I believe in, as do they. It’s allll good.

So, in closing- I give a grudging nod of thanks to Objectivity for reminding me that just as All Lives Matter, so does the right to express your opinions. Even if your opinion is stupid. lol. Ok, ok, kidding aside, I mean it. Someone who disagrees with my viewpoint may read this, and think ( or say f*** you, you’re wrong). But hopefully we’ll both have the sense to be grateful to live in a country where we can voice our feelings and opinions, and also the sense to stop ourselves when we get irate and combative- and know when to walk away. There are, of course, things to fight for and things to fight against. But there are just as certainly things that are not worth a fight, that are like trying to control the seasons. If we won’t change each others minds, then give us the sense to walk away.

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