As A Mom
Me and My Girls

I woke up this morning excited that my daughter and her boyfriend were coming over for breakfast. Watching my daughter as an adult, navigating her way through life, is something I still marvel at still, even though she’s been on her own for nearly two years now. It got me thinking about both of my girls, and the hopes and fears we have for our children. I’ve always found that the messages we give our girls can be so conflicting, and for me I almost felt like I was two different people as I raised them. Then, this morning, it dawned on me that, yes, in a way I am two different people, advising from two different perspectives- as a Mom and a Woman. It was always a worthwhile challenge to give both messages in a way that created a balance. Hopefully, (and seemingly) I succeeded. Both girls are strong, but sweet. Brave, but cautious. Kind, but not passive. As my youngest turns 18 in mere months, I’m compelled to remind her (both of them, really) of this:

As a Mom; I want you to be safe.

As a Woman; I want you to take risks.*

As a Mom; I want you to be polite.

As a Woman, I want you to speak your mind.

As a Mom; I want you to be gentle and graceful.

As a woman, I want you to be fierce, and untamed.

As a Mom; I want for you to never get hurt.

As a Woman; I want you to know how strong being hurt can make you.

As a Mom; I want you to stay small and dependent, and need me always.

As a Woman; I want you to fly from the comfort of the nest, independent, but like for me to be around always.
Me and My Oldest

As both Mom and Woman, I want for you to be boundlessly and genuinely happy, self fulfilled, and satisfied, good, humane, mindful. From that, you will be successful in anything you do. Never stop growing, never stop learning, or trying, or doing. And always, always, come see your Mommy šŸ˜‰

*By risks- I mean calculated risks, risks for gain- not stupid shit.
Me and My Youngest

One thought on “As A Mom

  1. it seems like yesterday they were that little,all the sayings were great!!! but I know I never said anything to you or rick in that way but my god somehow you grew up as if I did . what a woman and a mom love mom


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