If I Had A Soundtrack To My Life

tumblr_lnbqxbEmZD1qbvlrvAs you, of course know (because you follow my blog so devoutly. Wink, wink.) I am a police loving, lipstick wearing, Steve Perry obsessed, I Love You, Man drinker, who has a penchant for imagining that I am living an ever running live TV show, of which I am obviously: The Star.

As the star of my pretend show, a dramedy, as you definitely recall, I think I should create a soundtrack to my life. Honestly, I’ve been kinda working on this soundtrack for a very long time. Oh, and I’m going to be presumptuous and say (okay, write): you have, too. Um, working on your own soundtrack, not mine, that is. I mean, you’re totally welcome to work on mine, too. If you want. But, well that’s weird, so no.
Anyhow. So, here’s where I’m at, idea wise. Blogging the whole soundtrack to my life, while epic in thought, would be absurdly long. Not, like War and Peace long, but you get what I’m saying. Therefore, I’m thinking, how about the soundtrack to one day? Yes. That will be fun, fun, fun. Not because I think you’ll care what the soundtrack to my day sounds like, but because it may compel you to think about what the soundtrack to your day would sound like.
Ok, so we are clear, yes? The following is my (any given) day, from the time I wake up, to the time I go to sleep, all in the form of one epic mash up song.
For my epic Any Given Day Set To Music, AKA, My One Day Soundtrack- I thought it best performed by the great Steve Perry & Journey. (Um, you know me, this is the only way it would’ve gone, people.) Here goes:

****Yes, I can’t edit for shit. Yes, I misspelled ‘montage’ in the end. I’m tryin’ man, I’m tryin’. Sigh.

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