You Think You Know Me, Because Once, You Thought You Knew Me

A funny thing happened when I began dating my husband: I changed. At least, that’s how some people in my life have put it. Instinctively, I bristle, and want to say screw you, because that’s what comes to mind first. Granted, I’d be more likely to say it with my facial expression, and less likely to actually say it. I was raised to be polite, thank you. But now, and over the course of eight years of dating/marrying my husband, I’ve realized: they are right: I Have Changed. Allow me to elaborate. Apparently it was under the radar, or maybe just due to … Continue reading You Think You Know Me, Because Once, You Thought You Knew Me

Ten All Time Favorite Quotes

Doesn’t it seem that there is quite literally a quote out there for every situation? Over the years, I’ve acquired so many- storing and saving them on scraps of paper, on my laptop, my iPad, and my phone for just that right moment when I could pull one up and use it at the most opportune moment. Unfortunately, I can rarely pull them up fast enough (or recall them exactly enough) to do so. So, the thought came to me- since I have so many favorite quotes, I’ll force some of them on you! As with all of my thoughts and ideas, my list … Continue reading Ten All Time Favorite Quotes

My Blue Family

To my Blue Family- My husband is one of yours. He calls you his brothers and sisters. So that makes you mine as well. I claim you as I do my blood family. My pride in you is immense and my love for you is boundless. As I sat poring over the letters, stories, poems, and tribute to our fallen police officers and to police in general from the supporters, I ask myself: What more can I add that hasn’t already been said? But then I realized: It doesn’t matter that it’s been said already, or in many ways, or … Continue reading My Blue Family

Menopausal Mean Girls

One of the twenty seven projects I am currently (and simultaneously) working on, thank you ADD , is a storage bench in need of a seat cushion and some pretty fabric. Which means that a trip to the fabric store was in order. Now, as you may or may not know, I am somewhat new to the whole repurposing/ refinishing art, so while the whole “kid in a candy shop” analogy is accurate, I’m still the “new” kid on the block. No, not these guys.. Anyhow. So… Trip to the local fabric store (aka, The Reason For This Post): Upon … Continue reading Menopausal Mean Girls